Pierre Jean Renald Auguste

I thank God so much especially for what he has done for me because he sent Mother Janet and Father Wade and other sponsors on my way. I come from a poor family. I was hopeless. I have been a part of the program since 2005. Father Wade and Mother Janet they were taking care of me since I was a little boy until now. I have finished with my primary school right now I’m at the university in Haiti. It is second to none and the best university, but all that is Father Wade and Mother Janet opening the gate for me. I thank them so much and I ask God to protect them. I’ll always be praying for them to find many sponsors for helping us. When we were sick they send money to us to go to the hospital. Everything that we need they help us. When I was in the darkness, they put me in the light and I made me feel like someone special. I feel proud of where I am today. I went for an internship in Belgium visiting a lot of undertaking on my field. I thank Mother Janet, Father Wade, and All of Haiti Children Project for all that.