Humanitarian Aid, 3 Things to Know

Humanitarian aid is a critical component of modern day society. It allows those who are more fortunate to help those that have less, and encourages society as a whole to embrace service and an outward-looking mindset.

When you are considering aid—whether you are looking to donate to a cause such as Haiti Childrens’ Project or looking to start a humanitarian organization or campaign of your own, there are a few important things to know. Listed below are three important things to know about humanitarian aid.

There are 4 Humanitarian Principles

The four humanitarian principles that should drive your desire to donate or any humanitarian organization are humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence. These principles define what humanitarian aid truly is- helping others without any other motive or adverse distinction. These principles can be defined as the following:

Humanity means that wherever human suffering is found, it should be addressed, with an emphasis or focus on those who stand at the highest risk or have the greatest need.

Neutrality means that the aid being given should not favor any political or military ‘sides’, but should be focused solely on those in need.

Impartiality means that the aid being given should address those with the greatest need, without discrimination or favoritism.

Independence means that the organization/ humanitarian aid source is independent from any government, military, etc. and not affiliated with any other group.

Some Emergencies Take Priority

Although traditionally, the approach to humanitarian aid gave priority to the emergencies that happened most recently, humanitarian issues are becoming increasingly complex. Now, priority is given to the most serious and complex humanitarian issues in order to prevent these issues from getting even more serious and provide relief to those who need it the most.

Humanitarian Aid Often Focuses on Disaster Relief

Although impoverished nations are in need of aid regardless of whether or not they suffered a natural disaster, the locations/ areas that are impacted by severe natural disasters, particularly areas that were less wealthy prior to the disaster, are in particular need of humanitarian aid.

These areas stand in need of humanitarian aid not only because the residents do not have much, but because the little they did have was likely ruined or lost in the natural disaster, and they have no way out or around the situation. Addressing humanitarian aid to those that stand in need following a natural disaster is a great way to prevent the situation from getting worse and more complex.

Do you want to help in the effort? Reach out to Haiti Childrens’ Project today to learn more about the humanitarian effort following the Haiti earthquake and how you can help.