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Hurricanes in Haiti

Disasters are all too common in Haiti. It is a country that has never truly recovered from the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck the island in 2010 leaving much of Port-au-Prince, its capital, in rubble and killing an estimated 200,000 people (Almost 1/3rd of Haiti’s population). Unfortunately since then, it seems as Haiti is constantly […]

Humanitarian Aid, 3 Things to Know

Humanitarian aid is a critical component of modern day society. It allows those who are more fortunate to help those that have less, and encourages society as a whole to embrace service and an outward-looking mindset. When you are considering aid—whether you are looking to donate to a cause such as Haiti Childrens’ Project or […]

How Haiti’s Humanitarian Crisis Affects Children

Following the series of natural disasters in Haiti, many Haitians, both young and old, have found themselves deep in the depths of poverty. Although this crisis affects everyone, it is particularly difficult for children, whose futures are taken from them because of a lack of means to escape or endure these horrible conditions. Read on […]