Next Generation Ministries, recognizing that we can’t be everywhere at one time, has partnered with the following organizations who are daily acting as the hands and feet of Jesus. Our intention is to reach the “ends of the earth”.

Meet the Students Giving

Partners in
North and South Carolina

hands and feet at work in the states

Support, Education and Advisement

SEA Place is our neighbor and we are excited to support the work they are doing in our local community. SEA Place recognized the gap of available assistance for those hoping to receive a GED. Offering its clients a FREE GED through classes and mentoring, their ministry has grown to help combat poverty in Lexington, SC. Upon receiving a GED, many clients will find a job or get a promotion in their current job!


When you meet the team at City Lights and see what they are doing, you are compelled to help! This team is doing amazing things to help the underserved in Winston Salem, NC. From beds for children to a mobile food pantry to a first class after school program, this team is spreading the gospel daily through children. Serving in a dangerous, high crime inner city, they are not only changing lives, they are changing communities.

Global Partners

hands at feet at work around the world


The mission of Friends for Health in Haiti is to improve the health of the people of Haiti in a caring, compassionate manner, as a reflection of Christian faith. Their philosophy is that a community-based health model is ideal for the greatest impact and the highest chance of long-term sustainability. It is the “bottom-up” model that empowers communities to solve their own development problems and cultivate the relationships through which our faith can be shared.


Jeremie Rising is focused on improving educational, medical and living conditions in Jeremie, Haiti. Next Generation partners with Jeremie Rising for mobile medical clinics, orphan care (specifically Petit Foyer in Gebo,) feeding programs, and disaster relief. God has blessed Jeremie Rising to continue spreading the gospel.


The goal of GAHDA is to meet the needs of Grand’Anse individuals and families seeking healthcare and livelihood support not being met by existing services. Also, GAHDA contributes to Skills Development for Haitian health professionals and provide community education. We support their effort to distribute medication for women battling breast cancer.


You can make a difference for the people of Ukraine by donating to REALIS via DAI, Partner Gifts. Designate, REALIS. During a mission trip in fall 2022, Wade saw firsthand the community destruction caused by war. We have a new partnership initiative with Realis aimed at empowering local churches to spread the light of the Gospel in the midst of war and hunger. The local churches are creating Thought HUB’s where citizens can come for fellowship, get food, fuel, and charge devices.

Ready to make a difference?

Our goal is to be a beacon of hope and prosperity to the marginalized persons in many countries. If you feel like donating to the mission we encourage you to do so and are immensely grateful for your support.

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