Auguste Recruiting More Students During Quarantine

Our Goal at Haiti Children Project has always been to empower our students to change the world where they live. 

Pierre Jean Renald Auguste is one of our brightest students. He seeks out others to become educated strong individuals who can change the country of Haiti. Auguste traveled to Jeremie recently and met with some students from the original orphanage sponsored by Haiti Children Project. 

He saw the need for a group of students to apply for further education. He took it upon himself to put together a plan to collect high school transcripts, travel from Jeremie to Port Au Prince, make a budget for the students to stay a night or two, and fill out college applications.

Auguste is a prime example of what Haiti needs and what our drive is here for Haiti Children Project. We want the people of Haiti to help each other so real change can continue to happen within the country. 

There was one orphan that said, “This is God who sends you in our way, it’s the same way as Moses that stretched out his hand over the sea, and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all night into dry land, it’s the same way as Moses they were happy to come out.”  

Continue to pray for Haiti. Despite COVID-19, change continues to happen and God continues to work, unwavering.